About Text Spam Arrest

Automatic AI spam filtering (no manual keyword entry needed!). Also, non-spam messages sorted into sub-folders to reduce inbox clutter.

Per the FTC, the average scammed consumer lost $1,000 in 2022 to text message scams. This totaled to a whopping $330 million in consumer losses. And businesses, especially small biz owners, lost $660 million in 2022. We care about this & built this app to watch over your shoulder as a spam sentinel.

Text Spam Arrest uses an AI engine to detect spam. It has been trained on the entire English vocabulary. And also has seen every type of scam on the internet. These capabilities cover all the major sources of intrusion in your Messages inbox. These include the following 5 areas flagged by the FTC as the top ones of 2022:
Imposter Scams (posing as your relative or friend)
Online Shopping
Prizes, Sweepstakes, and Lotteries
Business and Job Opportunities

We have also built message classification for non-spam messages. All messages from unknown senders will be organized into separate folders. You can zoom in onto categories that matter to you and track your messages more effectively.

Here is how we classify messages from unknown senders:
- Promotions: Offers, promos, rewards for products or services
- Transactions: All other messages in one of the Subcategories below

Subcategories of Transactions include:
-Finance: Banking, Credit, Debit transaction messages
-Orders: Purchase orders, say from Amazon or Walmart or …
-Reminders: Appointment or booking reminders
-Health: Doctor, Dentist or Vet messages
-Weather: Earthquake or weather alerts
-Carrier: Your Internet or Wireless provider messages

After installing the app, go to Settings->Messages->Unknown & Spam. Click on the "Filter Unknown Senders" button. Then choose "Spam Arrest Filter"
To confirm these settings, now open your Apple Messages app. You should see all the folders we mentioned above.
NOTE: Spam filtering applies only to SMS/MMS messages from unknown senders not in your contacts list. Per Apple specs, it will not apply to iMessages.

End User License Agreement:
This app's usage conforms to Apple's End User License Agreement which can be accessed here:

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