About Delete Emails & Cleaner

Introducing our email cleaning and triaging app! Say goodbye to an overwhelming inbox and hello to productivity.

Swipe through emails to easily delete, archive or keep them. Batch delete, archive and move emails to quickly clean your inbox.

Whether you want less email or inbox zero. Our app is designed to keep your inbox organized. Saving you time by triaging emails first. And you don't even need to read emails for that! Email Zen has charts, trends, iCloud Sync and Dark Mode to make your experience even better. Plus, our app is privacy-friendly, processing emails only on your device.

And the best part? No ads, subscriptions or in-app purchases required.

Our app is available for iPhone, iPad and macOS. You can use our app with any mail provider, including Gmail, iCloud, AOL, Proton, GMX, Zoho, Yahoo and Outlook.

Give it a try and experience a stress-free email inbox.

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May 30, 2023
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May 15, 2023
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