About SWITCHdrive

This is the SWITCHdrive mobile client for iOS devices! SWITCHdrive is the file sync and share software for the Swiss higher education. You get access to your files any time, from anywhere, hosted on a server by SWITCH.

Key Features:
- Browse your files on the SWITCHdrive server using SSL encrypted access
- Download and preview files, open files for review
- Edit files and send them to SWITCHdrive for upload
- Create new folders, delete files and folders, and explore your files from anywhere
- Share by link files and folders with your friends and colleagues.

Note: This app requires a SWITCH Cloud Account on the SWITCHdrive server to function. If your institution has subscribed to SWITCHdrive you can get your login credentials at

Additional Information
11.11.1 (65.3 MB)
Mar 30, 2023
4+ Years
First Released
Apr 01, 2014
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