About pipoPro

pipoPro – Working Time Recording Plus
pipoPro App simplifies working time recording massively: track your working times, enter
absences, download reports – everything with one single App on your device. pipoPro
functionalities cover all needs of People Manager as well as Employees and supports modern
working time models in the best way possible. pipoPro makes working time recording efficient.
From wherever you are. And anytime.
You don’t know pipoPro yet? Let us point out the most important functionalities:

• Working Time Registration: Clock-in and clock-out easily with your device. Screen shows
current balances at the same time
• Enter missing clockings
• Correct existing clockings
• Enter absences; adjust or delete them
• Enter series of absences; adjust or delete them
• Enter absences “with a reason” to meet target working time (e.g. doctors visit)
• Be informed by the messageCenter (e.g. if you forgot to clock-out yesterday)
• Calendar view: overview of all approved, pending and rejected absences requests
• Reports: get an overview of all working times, time types and balances
• View / print out monthly overview
• Close previous month (Employee Level)
• Unlock pipoPro via Touch ID or Face ID
• Widget

• Overview of all direct reports at a glance
• Enter missing clockings for direct reports
• Correct / delete existing clockings of direct reports
• Approve / Reject absence requests (with an individual message as an option)
• Approve or reject working times that need to be approved by you as a People Manager
• Be informed by the messageCenter: detailed information regarding each direct report and
her/his working times e.g. missing clockings, working hours at night / on Sunday, overtime
• Calendar view shows all direct reports with all absences in the current status (approved /
pending / rejected)
• Reports: run reports covering all your direct reports, listing all time types and balances
• View / print out monthly overview of a specific direct report
• Close previous month for your direct reports (People Manager level)
• Flexible and quick switch between People Manager and Employee view
• Unlock pipoPro via Touch ID or Face ID

Note: To use the pipoPro app, you need the TimeTool time recording software/module "time" incl. corresponding licensing as Cloud, SaaS or onPremise solution.

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