About De Friesland App

Quickly and safely arrange your healthcare affairs in your De Friesland app

Register once via DigiD and then log in securely with your chosen access code. You can view the app in Dutch or English.

See quickly:
- how you are insured. And who is co-insured with you.
- your reimbursements.
- healthcare costs you incurred and what we reimbursed.
- how much deductible you have left.

Easily arrange things yourself:
- your claims. Take a photo and send it in. The money will be in your account within 2 working days.
- your authorisation for transport.

- with our colleagues using the chatfunction. Response within 10 minutes during office hours.

And did you know that your health insurance card is also in the app? So you always have it within reach!

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May 03, 2023
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Apr 19, 2021
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