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β—† Easily settle group expenses β—†

Splitser is the app to keep track of and to settle up group expenses.
This app is the best pick for groups of friends, families, roommates, travellers, colleagues, clubs, unions, fraternities and sororities, football teams, hockey teams, etc.

Splitser can be used for: vacations, day or weekend trips, nights out, shared households, diner parties, festivals, team sports and much more.

More than β—†3 million peopleβ—† are already using Splitser!

=== How it works: ===

β€’ Log in or easily create a Splitser account
β€’ Create a list and invite other participants via Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS or Email
β€’ Participants can all add, change or remove expenses on a list
β€’ Check the balance of the list and the participants every now and then

=== Entered all expenses? ===

β€’ Settle the list and see immediately who gets money back and who still needs to pay
β€’ Directly pay off remaining debts via PayPal or iDEAL or share a payment request via Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS or Email
β€’ Check details of previous settlements such as: settled expenses, who has already paid and who still needs a reminder?
β€’ Create a new list or continue entering expenses on an existing list

=== Top features: ===

β€’ Invite participants directly to a list via Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS or email
β€’ Choose from more than 150 different currencies when creating a new list, handy when traveling!
β€’ Add the expenses from other payers
β€’ Split expenses equally or enter specific amounts for each participant
β€’ Add an image to an expense, for example the receipt or bill
β€’ Enter negative expense amounts if money has been received (e.g. remaining money pots, received deposits)
β€’ Built-in calculator when entering an expense
β€’ Tap on any participant on the balance and immediately see total shared expenses and costs
β€’ Handy settlement tab with all historical settlements from a list
β€’ Send payment requests via Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS or Email
β€’ Pay off debts directly via PayPal or iDEAL
β€’ Mark already paid settlements as paid
β€’ Offline mode to be able to enter expenses even in the most remote places

Having any trouble or suggestions to further improve Splitser? Please reach out to [email protected]

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