About AVA TV

This app allows you to have full access to all the services that we provide for our audience throughout the KRI.
You can stream live and catch up on the programmes you have missed. You will benefit from all the educational, awareness raising, lifestyle, entertainment programs that we upload onto the app so that you wouldn’t miss any valuable information
Our services include TV broadcast, radio, production house, online streaming and commercials.
AVA Entertainment is providing entertainment in the form of television series, art, comedy, talk shows, music and educational materials. We broadcast locally, via satellite, social media, our official AVA website, and the AVA Application.  
AVA Radio broadcasts a distinctive mix of hit music worldwide including the latest and most popular Kurdish songs. Furthermore, our radio will broadcast live talk shows and pre-recorded entertainment programs to enrich our audience with educational and informative materials. AVA Radio is broadcasting on (FM FREQUENCY), on our official AVA website and the AVA application.   
AVA produces its own materials and programs for both television and radio. Our video and audio experts are capable of producing entertaining content, documentaries, features and commercials (TVC & Radio ads) for our clients.
Our online services contain Live Streaming of both AVA Entertainment and AVA Radio. It also includes TV schedule, archived programs and daily blogs.
Watch for free, stream live TV and download to watch anywhere and anytime.
Catch up with your favourites and discover something new every day.

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