About Ultra Plus

Ultra Plus brings you a collection of popular videos and also get to play exciting game.

Find game with excellent graphics, which will enhance your app experience without devouring your mobile space.
In the game, you need to tap to move platforms by which you will be able to catch Blue Stone balls. It’s an endless type game, so catch the ball carefully or else you'll lose!.The Objective of the game is to get best high score and improve your response.

Ultra Plus allows you to view wonderful videos from around the world. Enjoy unlimited entertainment with lots of videos that you can binge anywhere, anytime, be it from the comfort of your home or even on the go.Ultra Plus offers a compelling end-user experience to view the best videos on a mobile device. Ultra Plus keeps it all organised and ready for playback whenever you want.

We present excellent graphics and user-friendly experience in the app. You can have lots of fun playing games and watching videos.You can play a variety of different videos through one app. Access video controls in the movie player with a simple touch.
You can make a list of your favourite videos you like the most. It is like you made your own video playlist of favourites.

Play the best games, videos and discover new things every day!.

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Sep 30, 2020
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Sep 15, 2020
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