About Cookbook Master: Cooking Games
Meet Cookbook Master, a food making game for those who want to be a virtual cook masterchef apprentice and learn to cook the most diverse gastronomy challenges! If you are passionate about cooking or enjoy food cooking games, Cookbook Master was definitely made for you!

Food Making Games
In Cookbook Master's kitchen you will enter as a mere apprentice, cooking and baking your way up to become a prestigious virtual cook masterchef. Initially, cooking and baking will be a real challenge, you will have less ingredients and basic utensils. But with each challenge and completed recipes, you'll earn stars, to get you closer and closer to fulfilling your dream of being a master chef.

If you're interested in this cooking simulator, just wait until you start improving your experience with every star you earn!

With each star you earn, the more professional your experience will become as you unlock new ingredients and more recipes. The recipes available in this cooking game are completely based on real-life recipes, so this is an amazing opportunity to really learn how to cook! Just follow the cookbook and make food while having fun.

Also, equip your cooking simulator kitchen little by little, the stars are also used to unlock new master chef utensils! You will have several professional utensils!

Knowing your kitchen
Your masterchef kitchen has more than 40 ingredients for you to master this cooking game, count on fresh ingredients like onions, tomatoes, potatoes and others, as well as industrialized ingredients like flour, vanilla extract, mayonnaise and much more! Everything to make your culinary experience as complete as possible. A kitchen to make food fun!

This cooking simulator offers more than 30 real-life recipes for you to learn how to cook! Your culinary life will be much more fun and baking will be much easier with Cookbook Master!

Learn how to make food, easy recipes like salads or spaghetti, but also challenge yourself to make more complicated, real master chef recipes like stuffed mushrooms or baking a lava cake. With each successfully completed recipe, your personal recipe book becomes complete and shows your entire virtual cook masterchef trajectory!

Mini Cooking Games
Take the opportunity to play several mini-games within Cookbook Master and enjoy everything that this fun and complete game has to offer! Play cooking games, chef tournaments and much more!

Download Cookbook Master: cooking simulator now and start making fun and complicated recipes, a real chef experience! Become a virtual cook master chef!

This cooking game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extra items mentioned in the description can also be purchased for real money.
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