About Cooking Us: Master Chef
🎉️🎉 Welcome to Cooking Us - Give you an invitation to experience the best cooking games 2024. 🍿🍭🍰 Cooking Us is a new game of simulating restaurant but you will act as a Master chef and complete all challenges realistically. 🍨🥗🍟

🌟 New Features of this fun cooking game 🌟
* Discover a variety of cuisines from many countries through 5-star restaurants.
* Cooking Simulation: from cake shop to burger restaurant, from fast-food to seafood - It's your adventure to take steps to become a top chef. 👨‍🍳👨‍🍳
* Cook off & serve customers with any orders on time
* Collect coins, gems and full of keys after finishing each level
* Unlock more kitchens and learn new cooking skills.
* Make more combos to get extra 5x tips from customers.
* Upgrade ingredients and kitchenwares to cook up speed.
* Enjoy free cooking hours with addictive gameplay.
As you know, the United States is not only well-known as a modern country but also a food paradise with a diversity of luxurious cuisines. 🔥💥 This is the main reason why we created the best chef game called "Cooking Us" and the cuisines of the United States will be a special theme in there. ️🏆️🏆️ If the frenzy with cooking games for free or addictive time-management games inside you is enough, let’s show off your cooking skills in the madness kitchen as a crazy chef of all restaurant games.

👩‍🍳👨‍🍳👨‍🍳 HOW TO PLAY
* Tap to cook & serve the customer in time 🍣🍱
* Keep an eye on the kitchen items and cooking time, don’t burn food! 🍔🍔
* Arrange the cooking process reasonably, don't waste food! 🍩🍘
* Practice time-management skills 🍭🍰
* Use magic boosters to get more cooking fun 🍲🍝
* Share your achievements in cooking games with your friends 🍡🍢

🍎🍒 Start your hot cooking journey! Cooking Us will bring you to travel from a small cafe shop to a 5-star famous restaurant, from a pastry shop to a giant burger, from the city’s fast food to seafood in the harbor town. ️🎯️🎯 By incorporating the game challenge into delicious dishes and addictive gameplay, you can enjoy the fun of cooking and explore great American cuisine as well as many other cuisines. Build your own cooking brand to make a fever worldwide.

🥓🍤 When the customers come and order any food, your mission is to prepare ingredients, cook & serve them in the limited time. The happy cooking hours will appear even during rush time. 🌮🥗 As soon as you collect enough coins and full of keys, you can unlock and open more new fast restaurants. Upgrade your kitchens to unlock thousands of new dishes and hundreds of new appliances.

🍕🌭 To fulfill the dream of becoming a star chef, you need to test your time management skills. The more combos you make, the more and more rewards you earn in the new restaurant fever game.

👉 Download and play now! 🏃🏃
👉 Become the professional chef your customers are always looking for! 👨‍🍳
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