About Chef Games & Cooking at Home
Chef Games is the perfect entertainment game for those who love food. Do you want to know what it's like to be a super chef? If yes, download and play now Chef Games & Cooking at Home

Chef Games is exciting restaurant management and cooking simulation game where you will have the opportunity to discover hundreds of recipes and show off your management talents

A new chef has just moved to town and that's you. Bou start your business from a small shop, then you can expand your restaurant, cook more dishes and welcome more diners. Building a restaurant has never been so fun. This is a cooking craze designed to help you realize your dream of becoming a super chef

In this exciting master chef game, players will have to prepare ingredients and kitchen tools, cook and create amazing dishes from many cuisines around the world

You need quick hands, quick eyes and focus to complete the task on time. Otherwise, diners will get angry and leave, causing our emerging culinary empire to collapse completely. That's a scenario no one expected, isn't it? Roll up your sleeves, put on your apron and step into Chef Games & Cooking at Home kitchen for action!

Upgrade your kitchen and serve your guests thoughtfully in your own restaurant. Learn to cook brand new recipes like fried chicken wings with french fries. You will learn from famous chefs how to make delicious and eye-catching dishes, isn't it great?

- More restaurants for you to conquer with excellent dishes
- More 50 levels with many secret recipes
- Time management style cooking gameplay
- Serve hungry diners, help them overcome hunger as quickly as possible to receive tips

Prepare attractive hot dishes and a cup of properly roasted coffee for all family members, at the same time you will learn many new recipes in the Chef Games

You will prepare the famous apple pie and many traditional desserts that everyone will love. Will it be doughnuts, cheesecake or a sweet chocolate brownie? To make standard desserts, you need to learn the recipe for vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream or a top secret fruit cake recipe

Not only that, in the kitchen of Chef Games, seafood is indispensable to make dishes with the sea flavour of Italy and France. Let's explore together!

In the first restaurant, you will learn to make hamburgers, sauces and create the type of burgers commonly found in fast-food restaurants. The perfect product must be full of ketchup, chilli sauce, mayonnaise and mustard

Build your own romantic Italian restaurant. Here, we will teach you how to make standard pizza and pasta. Pasta Bolognese, Carbonara and Arrabiata are the best options, are you interested? There are many pizza flavors that are loved by customers such as Pepperoni, mushroom topping with champagne sauce, pineapple ham and sausage… Which flavor will you choose to start?

The next restaurant specializes in delicious cookies and cakes. You will create your own delicious banana cake, banana smoothie and sweet fruit cake. But that's not all, if you want the main meal, you can serve fried chicken wings with garlic or spicy sauce, french fries and many more chicken dishes. The kitchen will smell good all day long with new customer orders!

It is impossible not to mention the unique Mexican dish, we will cook Chicken Fajitas, sliced meat and vegetables to wrap in cornbread. Visit the Indian kitchen to try the famous chicken curry. Chinese cuisine also pleases fastidious diners. Fried rice combined with soy sauce is a nutritious choice. Also Chef Games, you will make Japanese Sushi, a hot bowl of Ramen or Makizushi to satisfy diners. Don't forget to serve with mustard and soy sauce to create a round dish
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