About Relevo
Make your own contribution to environmental protection with Relevo by actively avoiding unnecessary packaging waste. It's simple and easy!

Download & launch Relevo app.

This is how borrowing works:
1. Ask for your to-go food & drinks in reusable.
2. Scan the dishware handed out with your smartphone.
3. Show the scan confirmation to the restaurateur.


Here is how the return works:

1. Return the cleaned dishes within 14 days.
2. On site, scan the QR code of the return poster with your smartphone.

With the Relevo app you have many advantages:

* An interactive map shows you all participating restaurants/cafés.
* You always have an overview of your borrowed and already returned dishes.
* With the extension option you can extend the return period at any time (EUR 1,- per 7 days)
* A reminder function reminds you to return your dishes on time.
* In a separate overview, you can see how much disposable packaging you and the entire Relevo community have already saved.
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