About Handelsbanken UK – Individual
The Handelsbanken Individual Banking app is a secure and easy way to manage your money on the move.

• Make UK payments to new and existing beneficiaries,
• Make international payments to saved beneficiaries,
• Make unlimited transfers between your accounts,
• View your account balances and cleared and pending transactions (in the last 24 months or up to a maximum of 1000 transactions),
• View future payments,
• View Handelsbanken Charge Cards and transactions,
• Approve your online purchases,
• Receive alerts about transactional activity on your cards and/or payment accounts,
• Select and view regional/online card usage settings.

How to register
To use the mobile app you will need to register for Quick log-on via Individual Online Banking. If you are not currently an Individual Online Banking customer, please contact your branch.

1. Log on to Individual Online Banking, go to Mobile Banking in the menu and select Register or change Quick log-on where you can choose your Personal ID and Passcode.

2. Once you have chosen your Personal ID and Passcode you will need to download this app, Handelsbanken UK – Individual, from your app store.

3. You will need to perform a one-off activation, using your logon card and card reader.

4. The first time you login a pop-up will appear on screen prompting you to approve Terms and Conditions for the mobile banking app.

For individual banking customers
You can only use the app if you are a Handelsbanken individual banking customer, registered for online banking. If you are a corporate customer you can download our Handelsbanken UK – Corporate app from the Google Play Store.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact your branch.
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