About Ymax Plus

The YmaXTV App is an excellent media player that enables users to play their m3u playlist, such as live TV, VOD, and series, on their IOS device

Disclaimer: YmaXTV does not provide or include any media or content. Users are responsible for providing their own content. YmaXTV is not associated with any third-party content providers. We do not promote the streaming of copyright-protected content without the owner's consent.

Notes: We do not promote or provide any IPTV subscriptions, copyrighted streams, or copyrighted material. Users must add their own streaming URLs as well as any services from service providers for user-id, password, any credentials, m3u URLs or any other form of URLs that the user chooses to stream.
The user's content is the only content that is played and shown by this application.

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1.5.1 (76 MB)
Apr 18, 2023
4+ Years
First Released
Aug 25, 2022
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