About CPU Runner: 性能跑分、硬件检‪测‬

Because we know so much, we provide more information:

***The main function***
# Hardware data: includes the system version number, device type, screen resolution, screen share, system build, kernel information, system process information, and clock frequency.

#CPU information: CPU type (ARM, Intel, etc.), processor information, CPU architecture (ARM64, ARMV7, etc.), number of physical cores, number of logical cores, endian (Little endian, etc.), L1 instruction cache, L1 data Cache, L2 cache, CPU clock speed, and CPU usage (graph).

#GPU rendering: Includes OpenGL Version, Vendor, OpenGL extensions (eg depth_texture, etc.).

# Memory information: including memory type (LPDDR3 DRAM, etc.), linked memory, active memory, free memory, invalid memory, page-entry, and memory graph.
Network traffic: IP information, subnet mask, broadcast IP, WiFi, and cellular data usage.

# Disk information: Calculate device space capacity, photos, videos, songs and other information.

# Battery: Check the battery capacity and battery voltage, battery health status, power and other information.

# Decibel meter: Real-time statistics of ambient decibels.

***Today Widget***

CPU Runner Widget supports real-time monitoring of multiple data:
#CPU occupancy: real-time calculation, faster and more accurate
# RAM memory usage: Analyzing system memory usage
#Traffic usage: Monitoring traffic usage information
#Storage space: Monitor device storage

You can edit the Add CPU Runner widget on the "Today" page of the notification center to easily grasp the device status in real time.

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