About VET Express

VET Logistics is an application tool that allows users to handle Virakbuntham deliveries in a much more convenient and modern approach.


VET Logistic features:
● 4 stages(Pick up confirmation, Awaiting Deliveries, Receivement Confirmation and Completed) of transaction with interactive controls and data on each stages
● Interactive progressive graphics to illustrate stages
● Choose your deliveries pick-up method, pick up or pin a location on the map to be delivered to
● Manages current deliveries and history of deliveries with ease
● Search for specific deliveries with QRID or simply type in the ID
● Displays all VET locations in SEA
● Route to VET Locations
● Cloud storage, Never lose your data!
● Available in both Khmer and English

Additional Information
1.3.0 (60.2 MB)
Apr 06, 2023
4+ Years
First Released
Jan 08, 2018
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