About Ezhuthaani Keyboard: Official

Ezhuthaani - The first Malayalam, Manglish & Handwriting keyboard (in a single app) with word suggestion which can be accessed through out the device. The keyboard is also integrated with instant Trolls, with a wide rage of images in it.

∙∙∙ Manglish with google suggestion
∙∙∙ Handwriting keyboard with English, Malayalam & Special character support
∙∙∙ Malayalam with 4 different layouts
∙∙∙ Make Trolls within the app
∙∙∙ Stylish fonts
∙∙∙ NO INTERNET REQUIRED for Manglish keyboard.

• Manglish keyboard shows English alphabets in the keyboard and convert what you type to Malayalam.
• Malayalam script keyboard shows Malayalam layout. 4 different layouts to choose. Even a beginner can easily keep track of the keys.
• Handwriting keyboard lets you to write/draw the letters and convert it to the word automatically.
• Keyboard with prediction/suggestions enabled. Normal suggestion works with out internet. If internet detected, automatically loads google suggestion.
• Easy to switch between all available keyboards in the device by clicking the globe icon.
• Uses default iOS theme.
• Make custom trolls or Photo Comments

This is a free app which lets user to use all the keyboards as device's normal keyboard. Ezhuthaani can be accessed everywhere in the device, across every applications, and NOT just for a particular application.
Note : To enable tap sound and predictions, enable "Allow full access" in the device's settings.

All copyright, trade marks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) in and on this app may be extracted from different sources.

Privacy Policy:
This app is not collecting any of the user information with out their prior knowledge. The app doesn't share or misuse any of the information collected from the user. The software, materials and assistance provided by this app have the only purpose of helping its users.

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