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Defter Notes is your new iPad app for handwritten note-taking & spatial organizing. It's loved by academics, students, teachers, researchers, journal keepers, knowledge workers, visual thinkers, writers, designers, architects, engineers, and productivity-focused creatives.

Discover infinite possibilities without limits and grow your mind. Like a garden, give your brain space to expand and see its networks spread infinite directions.
In a minimally designed distraction-free environment, creative tasks get to be productive too.

Tools you use affect your musings. It can stimulate deeper insights and encourage meaningful work.
Defter Notes' unique user experience is designed to boost creative thinking in organized chaos. It all starts with a scribble or a sketch.

- Introducing text selection from PDFs: Select and hold in PDFs to create text-box from selected text.
- An even more minimal interface, now with the left-hand menu option.

- Auto backup to iCloud and manual backup options.
- Supports hyperlinked PDFs and URLs.
- Cross-reference, reorder and resize multiple documents, side by side.
- Unique and powerful stacks are ideal for reading and research.
- Add sticky notes, annotate, insert or remove pages.
- Extract pages from PDFs by holding and dragging from stacks.
- Double-tap on any item to export and share stacks, sticky notes, text boxes, papers, spaces, and images.

Your notes, documents, and files are right where you need them

- Organize documents right in your note-taking space.
- Drag and drop files, images, and URLs in split view.
- Unlimited blank pages, sticky notes, and nested space folders.
- Interact just as you do with real papers. You are not limited to sizes or orientations.
- Everything in your space is draggable. Simply hold for a second to move.
- Each space is infinite and expands to your needs.
- Create infinitely nestable spaces to dive deeper into your knowledge management.
- Rotate, zoom, and move on your virtual desk freely.
- Clean and intuitive interface, made for iPad and Apple Pencil.

Digital handwritten notes

- Write handwritten notes on your iPad with Apple Pencil.
- Draft, sketch, list, and note with ease.
- Pen, pencil, marker, and eraser. A palette for 8 favorite colors.
- The expandable and moveable radial toolset keeps everything easily manageable.
- Automatically saves size and color settings for each tool.
- Minimap function for easily navigating in your infinite spaces.
- Lasso to select, move and duplicate handwritten notes.
- Customizable to your style of note-taking.
- Variety of page sizes and types. Including music staff, square, dotted, lined, and hexagonal grid paper options.
- Free form sticky notes for adding quick comments.

Focus on your productivity, in a creative way

- Nested folder spaces for deep hierarchy. Not just for your notes, for attached documents as well.
- Simple interface: drag icons to create pages, sticky notes, attachments, stacks, and text boxes.
- Advanced palm recognition, works flawlessly with Apple Pencil.
- Double-tap on the second-gen Apple Pencil to toggle writing tools.
- Keep your focus with the clutter-free interface, everything you need from a tool for thought.
- Intuitive gestures, tap with two fingers to undo, three fingers to redo.
- Use Scribble to name new spaces and fill text boxes. To use Scribble you will need iPadOS 14 or higher and use Apple Pencil.
- Continuous auto-save. Your notes are kept on your device, offline and private.
- Easily import PDF files, and open them as stacks. Swipe on the bar of your stacks for quick page flipping.
- Export stacks of pages in a single PDF file or as individual JPEG or PNG images.
- Left and right taps to quickly navigate stack pages.
- Auto Light/Dark mode settings according to the system default.


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