About Task Buddy: Organize & Focus

Although time seems to fly by, we all have the same 24 hours a day. So why is it that some people are able to accomplish so much more than the majority of the population? One possible explanation can be found in their skill to manage time more efficiently than others. But how is it possible to cope with the flood of tasks that all require our immediate attention?

Enter 4 quadrants of time management, Widely studied by prolific Author, Stephen Covey, author of the best selling book "First Things First". This technique helps you prioritize actions based on urgency and importance matrix; helping you visualize where you ought to spend more time and what things you can completely eliminate doing in the first place.

This app is a UI representation of the 4 quadrant matrix; beautiful and simple to the core. Every action/task must go into one of the 4 quadrant. The app explicitly helps you do more of Q1 and Q2 where you get more bang for the bucks. And yet, it's just another task manager; with just this exception.

- when adding task, you must choose a quadrant. Default is least important.
- there are 4 quadrants with different priority and the color and opacity are indicative.
- Sync: take your tasks across devices on Mac, iPad or iPhone. Everything syncs seamlessly.
- Portability: In case you want to take the data elsewhere we got export to JSON; or in case you don't like the concept, we got you an option to wipe everything clear.

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