About Kantt Notes

Organize your life with visual notes. Kantt is your visual notebook to organize life by creating reusable one-pagers for all your important topics, projects, learnings and more.

Kantt combines a free, creative canvas with the ability to integrate various elements like files, scanned documents or links directly onto the page. As a result, you are able to structure all relevant information on a single page, making it easy to recall & access information even after a long time.

// What can I document with Kantt?
Kantt was developed to document all important events, learnings, skills, processes or projects of your life. Try to answer yourself the following question:

--> Is this something I want to document and keep for later use?

If the answer is yes, it's probably worth documenting the topic with Kantt.

// How is Kantt different from other apps?
a) Compared to scrapbooking apps, Kantt focusses on content instead of decorative elements. With Kantt, you can place the following objects anywhere on the canvas:

- Add textbox
- Import file
- Scan document
- Take photo or video
- Import photo or video
- Add weblink
- Add map
- Add URL scheme

b) Compared to conventional tools like spreadsheets or word processors, Kantt is built around a free, visual canvas which lets you document complex topics in a more creative, brain friendly way.

// Where is my data stored?
Kantt was developed as a local solution for iPad®. All your content is stored locally onto the device. You don't need any user account.

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Nov 24, 2020
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