About Blankbook: Minimal Paper Note

Blankbook Mac Viewer app is designed to be used along with the iPad or iPhone. It automatically syncs your notes through iCloud, so you can view every notes on the bigger screen.

It natively supports touchpad gestures like pinch to zoom. As well as light and dark mode.

Blankbook reduces the clutter and reproduce the essence of an extraordinary handwriting experience.

It features a well-thought design that makes your content speak. The bookshelf offers a see-through preview that allows you to see your content directly.

Canvas: Infinite scrolling canvas allows your creativity flow, you’ll never be bothered by manually creating a new page over and over again.

Paper: It offers 7 static paper types. All with dark and light variants. Dotted, squared, watercolor papers, etc. We get you covered.

Tools: Pen, pencil, marker, lasso for copy and cut, ruler, pixel eraser and vector eraser. All powered by the best Apple Pencil technology.

Shortcuts: Want quick access to your favorite tools without adjusting the setting repeatedly? We offer you three quick-access slots per note. Add any tools to it and it saves for you.

Intuitiveness: Tap the title name your note, long press to reorder, two-finger tap to undo, two-finger pinch to zoom. It’s that easy!

Dark mode: The color scheme will match the system setting automatically. Or you can use iOS dark/light switch to set it to your preferences.

Have fun writing!


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Developer: Yuxiao Wang
Special thanks: @Yuanyu Zhou, @Minja. For ideas, testing and feedbacks.

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Dec 22, 2020
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Dec 15, 2019
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