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Track your habit on homescreen widget.

Small Habits is the ultimate habit-forming app that can help you adopt one new habit every month and track it in the home screen widget.
The habit tracker widget is a quick and easy way to keep yourself accountable, add data and see your progress in a calendar view.

The widget will show how many days in a row you were on track. With Small Habits, you can create your habit, set a reminder, and track your progress.

This App is perfect for anyone looking to build better eating habits, establish a consistent exercise routine, or simply find more time for self-care. In fact, Small Habits has habit tracker features that suit all your needs. Small Habits app is the best app for anyone looking to build new, positive habits that stick. Its user-friendly design, powerful habit tracker features, and effective reminders make it the perfect tool for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life one habit at a time.

So, don't wait any longer.
Download Small Habits today and start building the habits that will transform your life!

Make sure you take advantage of the habit tracker widget, and habit tracker features to help you succeed in creating new, positive habits.

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