About Bliq: Drive easier, earn more

Bliq helps you work easier and earn more, thanks to our revolutionary driver app.

Already available for ridesharing and taxi drivers, with Uber, Bolt, FreeNow, Ola and many others coming soon, all around the world.

Instead of constantly juggling multiple apps, screens or devices, you can simply connect all your apps to Bliq.
You'll see requests from all your platforms and complete trips from start to finish on a single screen.
Automate your work, focus on driving safer and earn more money.

Main benefits of Bliq (may vary based on your country):

• As soon as you accept a request, we'll switch your other apps offline automatically to protect your acceptance rating; and then back online again, as soon as you end the trip;
• See the full address of the Pick up and Drop off when the job first comes in
• Enable the Auto-accept & Auto-decline feature to set your own terms for how you want to work: maximum pickup distance, minimum fare value;
• See your earnings per km or per hour for each trip (including driving to the passenger);
• View surge maps from all your apps in the same place;
• Use the Airport arrivals feature to view the busiest time of the day to work there;
• Navigate using Waze or Google Maps, directly from our app;
• Compete with other drivers in your town in weekly contests. Become the Bliq champion;
• Ask or offer advice in our city chats; talk to your fellow drivers and become stronger together;
• Vote for what we build next. We'll prioritize future features based on the votes of the drivers.

Work easier.
Access more info about your rides.
Earn more money.

Become part of the greatest driver community.
Try Bliq for free now.

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