About Online Form Creator is an online form builder app and survey maker that enables you to create online forms and surveys easily.

You can create forms and surveys in a few minutes, share them on different platforms and get responses instantly.

Start using the best and most powerful form creator now. Free plan includes all the cool features such as product basket, payment integration, location restriction and calculator etc.

*Create online forms and surveys
*Share them on WhatsApp, Facebook, website or by email
*Collect responses and monitor them in real time
*List your products in the product basket and sell them online without a website
*Accept online payments with Stripe and PayPal
*Create online quizzes with calculations
*Create surveys with conditional logic

Collect data of any size.

You can use for asking your friends if they are coming to your birthday party or not. You can also use it for getting feedback from millions of customers of your company. It is also possible to attach pictures or files in different formats.

Some advanced features of

*Product basket
*Payment systems integrations
*Calculator for online forms
*Conditional logic
*Privacy settings
*Location restriction
*List view/Step view
*Star rating
*Address field with Google Geolocation API
*Picture selection
*Selection matrix
*Grid field

Comparison of’s mobile forms app with Google Forms and Microsoft Forms: is intuitive, powerful and very fast on both desktop and mobile. has many cool features that Google Forms and Microsoft Forms do not provide. Advanced design features of let you reflect your personal taste or corporate identity.

Powerful features of

-Privacy settings

Private: Only you can access your form.
Limited: Only certain people can access your form and its records.
Unlisted: Only people with whom you share the form's unique link can access the form.
Public: Anyone can see your Public form. It is indexed by the search engines.

-List view / Step view

List view displays all the form fields on a single page and one under the other. Step view shows each form field on a different page.


You can show or hide particular form fields according to previous answers.


You can set a value for each answer option of a question and see the total score as soon as the form is filled in. It is very useful for quizzes, quote forms etc.

-Location restriction

You can limit the area where your form can be filled in. If you pin the center point on the map and set the radius as 20 kilometers, only people in that area can fill in your form.

-Animated background

Taking your form's design to another level is possible with Animated Backgrounds: More dynamic and more attractive.

Product basket
List your products or services with their pictures and prices in a few minutes. You can show them in different categories, too. You can also track stock amounts in a very simple way.

-Payment collection

You can collect payments if you have PayPal and/or Stripe accounts. Just add the payment form field to your form and enter your account details.


Integrate your favorite applications with’s mobile via Zapier. For example, get notifications on Slack anytime your form is filled in or generate leads by integrating your forms with Pipedrive.

Great variety of form templates provides a great variety of ready-to-use form and survey templates such as:

*Registration Forms
*Feedback Forms
*Application Forms
*Order Forms
*Contact Forms
*Report Forms
*Sign-up Forms
*Donation Forms

Download and sign up now, start enjoying the fast and powerful online form creator.

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