About Path.PM

Path provides you a simple way to get your projects done right and communicate with all stakeholders. Built for every member of your software team from Product Managers, to developers, to designers, to QA. Path is instrumental in building and maintaining projects at various stages of development.

1) Create epics, stories, tasks and distribute tasks across teams.
2) Update project permissions and determine project visibility.
3) Stay focused on delivering work and forecast a practical release date.
4) Resolve bugs faster by directly assigning tasks to your team members.
5) Track member activity on-the-go and receive regular status updates on emails so you never miss an
important update from your team members.
6) Share progress with your stakeholders
7) Move work forward from anywhere. Use the mobile app and don't stop on the go.

Key Features

1) Customizable workflows
2) Agile reporting
3) Quickview Dashboard
4) Team Performance Tracker
5) Time Management Software

Additional Information
10.13 (25 MB)
Feb 18, 2021
4+ Years
First Released
Aug 31, 2018
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