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Find the simple view of your complex life with The Planner App, a project planner and daily task management app. Download the app today for a personalized view of your projects that shows you how much attention and energy are required today and throughout the week. The visual display is a game-changer!

• Project planning •
Enter your project and choose the urgency, effort, and the impact it will take to complete (big things are big, small things are small!). Also, projects can easily repeat: Enter your task once, choose how often it occurs, and count on it to appear as scheduled.

• Prioritization •
Personalize your projects by choosing whether it Must, Should, or Could be done today.

• Task Management •
Add a checklist—either prebuilt or custom—to break down your tasks into smaller steps and to track the amount of effort required.

• Time Management •
The Calendar view lets you see your projects overlaid with your appointments and meetings to show you know when you have time to work on projects. This is great for time-blocking!

• Productivity •
With features such as a built-in project timer, daily insights, and inspirations, you can see when you’re most productive, set aside the time you need to focus, and even find ideas for getting “unstuck.”

• Ease •
Rescheduling happens. If you have to move a project to another day, just drag-and-drop it into the new day at the bottom of the screen.

In The Planner App, find the simple view of your complex life.

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