About GtrLib Chords

Explore the vast and comprehensive collection of guitar chords in GtrLib Chords. Get all the possible positions of any chord throughout the fretboard along with its suggested fingering and audio demonstration. Use the built-in search to quickly get to any chord that you are looking for. GtrLib Chords is an invaluable tool in the pocket of any guitarist.​

β€’ Vast and comprehensive chord library for guitar.
β€’ Includes suggested fingering for every chord.
β€’ Browse all the chords for every key.
β€’ Explore all the inversions of a chord.
β€’ Change the key with simple taps.
β€’ Search and quickly find any chord in any key.
β€’ Browse all the possible positions for every chord.
β€’ Search any chord directly using Spotlight.
β€’ Export any chord as a PNG image or MIDI file.
β€’ VoiceOver support - makes the app accessible for users who are blind or have low vision.
β€’ Includes support for Dark Mode.
β€’ Support for left-handed guitar chords.

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Dec 11, 2021
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Aug 02, 2018
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