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Find and read the premium magazines and newspapers that you know and hundreds more that you don’t - all for one single monthly fee. YUMPU offers the best content to entertain, inspire, and educate you. Read smart! With the YUMPU newsstand app you can read magazines and newspapers in one digital magazine flatrate both online and offline anytime and anywhere!

Your interests: Explore thousands of magazines. From Time Magazine, Forbes, Olive to Ok! Magazine and BBC Top Gear. Your all-inclusive digital newsstand contains +500 current titles and +200,000 back issues.

Your local: Receive your regional and community news alongside the national and international headlines. From the Guardian, the Independent and the Daily Mirror to the Dover Express, the Cornishman, the Manchester Evening News, the Evening Standard, the Llanelli Star, the Derby Telegraph and the Hinckley Times to name just a few. Over 200 local and national newspapers to cover every corner of the UK and Ireland.

Your reading time: On the move with no reception? We have the solution! Thanks to the download function. Simply download what you want to read newspapers and magazines whenever and wherever you want.

Your peace of mind: We're giving you a 30-day free trial period with access to all magazines and newspapers. The YUMPU all-inclusive newsstand flatrate can be cancelled at any time. Flexible terms and full of reading fun.

Your news archive: Create your personalized newsstand by setting bookmarks and marking your favourites. In addition, you will receive recommendations for current issues based on your reading preferences. Don’t miss a thing. With customizable push notifications and e-mail recommendations, we will keep you up to date when new newspaper and magazine issues become available.

Your family and friends: Create up to 5 profiles and share your magazine flatrate with your loved ones. There is something for everyone with titles such as Olive, Ok! Magazine, the Guardian, the Evening Standard, BBC Top Gear, Manchester Evening News and much more.

Our digital newsstand includes leading magazines and newspapers from all categories. Time Magazine, the Daily Mirror, the Independent, Forbes and many more are waiting for you. With the YUMPU app you can combine your favourites as a personalized newsstand in one single monthly fee. An individual reading offer that is as diverse as your interests. That is our goal. Rediscover the joy of reading. Download the YUMPU app to find your favourite magazines and newspapers. Explore new and unique titles to enjoy reading online and offline at any time.

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