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The Chinese “tong shu” or almanac has been consulted by emperors and farmers alike for millennia to select optimum auspice for the action of government and the planting and harvesting of crops. Generals consulted it before battles, Daoists before the performance of rites, acupuncturists for “open” points, builders before digging foundations, and village folk to plan a wedding or funeral. Cataloging the collective experience/data was the duty of one of the Chinese government's largest departments – the department of Astrogeomancy – a kind of cosmic Advisory Board.

The DYC TongShu presents the essential indicators for each day in compact yet easy to read format. The app includes extensive notes from Liu Ming's Almanac Astrology classes which explain the stages of the solar and lunar cycles. The daily and lunar hexagrams are included as well as a summary of Productive and Unproductive activities for each day.

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