About Watch Faces: Gallery

Christmas and new analogue watches are here!

Watch Faces - Gallery is the app to use to customize your Apple Watch. Choose a watch face from a large collection of face gallery.
All sort of categories from Anime, Manga, Christmas, Abstract, Cartoon, Pixel Art, Space, etc. are present for you to personalize your watch to suit your style. There are also dynamic, live faces.
There are also free albums that you are able to use.
The wallpaper gallery will be updated every week so that you can switch between faces as often as you want. Seasonal and holiday watch faces are here. Customize your watch with beautiful Christmas and new year themes. Also don't forget to check out the designer watch faces! All kinds of categories are here in the wallpapers.

Some of the faces are totally free, so that you can use them with your Apple Watch and the remaining faces will require a premium subscription in order to be used.

For terms of use please refer to for terms of use (EULA).

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