About Gridy

Gridy helps artists draw their digital images using Grid Method Drawing!

Gridy applies a grid to your image, and allows you to use it as a reference when drawing!

Starting a drawing will be easier, as you don’t have to find a complex solution to set up a grid reference on a digital image.

Gridy is here to help artists - from beginners to seasoned vets.

Some Features of Gridy
• Images are imported from Photos app
• Customization of grid row & column count, grid line color and grid line width
• iCloud sync between your iOS devices
• Works in landscape and portrait orientation
• Dark Mode
• Allows a max of 100 row/column count and a minimum of 5 row/column count

Additional Information
1.0.1 (2.1 MB)
May 06, 2020
4+ Years
First Released
May 03, 2020
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