About M: Pesa Tanzania

Welcome to the new M-Pesa App
M-Pesa, the largest and most innovative mobile financial service in Tanzania, has enhanced your experience by lauching a new version of the M-Pesa App.
Yes, you heard it right. We have redesigned the look and feel of the App, and greatly improved the user experience.
Moreover, you can also enjoy the exciting new mini apps and services!

So... What else is new in this version?

• New QR code scan for Bills Payments and Pay for Merchants services.
• Enhanced customer’s onboarding journey rendering seamless experience
• Enhanced User interface to make transfers to Bank much easier
• Self-reversal for sending money to Tigo

Access to your finances anytime, anywhere
• Send money across boarders easily, to Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda,
CONGO etc.
• Include withdrawal fees in your transfers to make it more convenient for your recipients when withdrawing cash recipient
• Transact with ease, by simply selecting your contact on any network from your phone book, favourites or recent recipients
• Transfer money from M-Pesa to your bank account or from your bank back to M-Pesa

Pay easily
• Make Government Payments, Pay Merchants and Withdraw Cash at Agents using QR codes

It’s secure
You can use FINGERPRINT or FACIAL ID to log in, or authorise your transactions through M-Pesa app. The M-Pesa 4 digit PIN can as well be used!
This is the only official and authorised App for accessing your M-Pesa account in Tanzania (GSMA Mobile Money certified). Vodacom Tanzania cautions customers against downloading or attempting to use of any other App that purports to offer easy access to M-Pesa.

Still have questions?
If you have any queries or feedback about this App, please do get in touch by sending an email to [email protected] or calling customer care 100

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May 23, 2023
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Jan 11, 2018
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