About Com: Tablet Media Repository
Com-Tablet is a media repository and browser, sorting images, videos, audio and narratives into a simple three-level hierarchy. Your media is associated with the place in which you live – navigate from the panorama view to the faces page, then browse through your content.

Media can be filtered by type, shared with other Com-Tablet users, played back in the application, or sent (via Bluetooth) to another device. The media owner can unlock to view their private media, make any of their content public or private, or share directly with specific individuals.

A simple printable user manual is available at:

Com-Phone is completely free, with no adverts and no unnecessary permissions. The application is open source as part of the Com-Me toolkit — you can fork any of the Com-Me applications on GitHub: For more information about the Com-Me project, see:
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Aug 26, 2013
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