About S2X File Manager: SCAN TO SEND
This app is a versatile file manager and transfer tool, designed to support Android phones, tablets, and TVs. Its features include:

* Transfer and install APK files.
* Compatibility with multiple devices like phones, tablets and TVs.
* Local file management functionalities such as COPY, MOVE, RENAME, DELETE, and MKDIR for files and directories.
* Remote file management functionalities (through FTPS) including RENAME, DELETE, and MKDIR for files and directories.
* A built-in FTPS server and client, offering effortless file transfer with scan-to-connect capabilities.
* The ability to upload and download multiple files and directories recursively, with transfer progress tracking.
* The FTPS server supports WAN IP detection and UPnP port mapping, allowing clients to connect from LAN or WAN without manual configuration.
* The app's built-in client can connect to any other FTPS server, while its built-in server can be accessed by any other FTPS client.

1. Starting from Android 11, the app requires the MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to access and transfer files that are not media files. Please enable this permission if you need to use these features.
2. To scan QR codes, the app requires access to your device's camera. Please grant camera permission to use this feature.
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May 08, 2023
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