About Day to Day Calculator
Day to Day Calculator App will support 35 different types of Calculations like Percentage, Health, Scientific Calculator, Currency Converter, Volume Calculation, Unit Converted types. This Is the all in one tool calculator use for daily activities. You have an option to Save calculator screen and also share option share calculation.And Also option to browser Saved Calculations.

Calculator Types:
Percentage Calculator
1) Profit & Loss
2) EMI Calculator
3) Marks Percentage
4) Discount Calculator
5) Vat Calculator
6) Auto Loan Calculator
7) Compound Interest

Health Calculatore
8) BMI Calculator
9) BMR Calculator
10) Age Calculator
11) Daily Calories
12) Ideal Weight
13) TDEE Calculator ( Exercises require per week according to weight, height and age )
14) BMI Chart

Unit Converter Calculator
15) Unit Conversions

Numbers Calculator
16) Calculator
17 ) Scientific Calculator

Currency Exchange Calculator
18) Currency Converter

Volume Calculator
19) Circle Volume
20) Cone Volume
21) Cube Volume
22) Cylinder Volume
23) Rectangular Volume
24) Capsule Volume
25) Conical Volume
26) Ellipsoid Volume
27) Sq. Pyramid Volume

Other General Calculation purpose calculators
28) Fuel Mileage Calculator
29) Data Storage
30) Money Converter
31) Time and Distance
32) Height Feet to CM
33) Height CM to Feet
34) Time Calculator
35) Date Duration
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