About ComingChat
Welcome to ComingChat, a comprehensive application tailored for the Web3.0 and AI era. On this innovative and dynamic platform, you will experience unprecedented convenience and personalized services.

We have carefully integrated privacy social networking, digital identity (CID), non-custodial blockchain wallet, decentralized social media, and intelligent AI assistant functions, aiming to make your digital life more secure, free, and fun.

With ComingChat, you can:
Communicate freely with friends and family and enjoy a privacy-protected social experience.
Achieve identity recognition and data management through digital identity (CID).
Easily manage your digital assets with non-custodial blockchain wallets.
Express opinions on decentralized social media platforms and participate in global discussions.
Discover more interesting content and useful tools with the help of the intelligent AI assistant's smart recommendations.

Download ComingChat now and explore the lifestyle of the future!
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Mar 28, 2024
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