About BOBI Live – Live Stream, Video
BOBI is a fun live streaming APP where you can meet new people, chat, explore interesting things, and experience the beauty of life with the anchors.
Excellent Features of BOBI
BOBI presents a place for you to interact with your buddies at home and abroad, where you can share unforgettable stories.
Live Interaction
Singers, dancers, makeup artists, social media gurus - BOBI got it all! Come and find your favorites! Can't Sleep? See what the rest of the world is up to - watch live 24/7!
Group Chat
Chat with fans from different countries and time zones to learn new languages and cultures.
Connect with Each Other
Invite 1 to 2 friends to your live room to play games, sing, or PK with each other. Have fun on BOBI!
Live Battles
Want your idols to win? Support them by actively sending gifts to your favorites in Live Battles and watch their scores soar!
Friends Nearby
Share live streams and meet the most unexpected people nearby!
Live streaming is not only a way to relax in life, but also a big stage for everyone to realize their dreams. Show off your talent, gain your fans, and become the next international star.
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Feb 09, 2023
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