About Cyber KLWP theme: NEON SPACE
*** Klwp Pro is required. Nova Launcher Prime is recommended.***

+ Added globals for komponents to edit content of some text items.
+ Replaced Comingsoon with Collider.
+ Enlarge the size of News texts. You can change them easily by globals named: txtnss (Source), txtnst (News title), txtnsd (News description).
+ Added globals to change the color of animated arrows in Weather Page and Settings page.
a. Weather page: please look for globals named: acl1, acl2, acl3 in the Global tab.
b. Settings page: please look for globals named: acl1, acl2 of the Komponent: "CyberNeonKompByDSH-S3" that is placed inside the group: "Settings 3".

+ Different aspect ratios are supported.

+ Please make sure that:
a. The Transition Effect of Nova Launcher is set to None. This will make the theme run smoother.
b. You set 2 pages for both your homescreen and Klwp editor.
c. Disable the dock of the Nova launcher. To do this, please follow this root:
Nova settings -> Home screen -> Dock -> disabled

+ Please follow the folder below to see:
a. How to config Nova settings
b. How to force Wallpaper scrolling
c. How to replace default apps with your own apps.
d. How to change rss sources
e. How to fix the position of the arrow widget if it is not in the right place. (The arrow widget is the widget that will be animated when you touch the FingerPrint button to access the second Layer of the theme).

How theme works fully:


This is an animated theme for Klwp with 2 pages and 2 layers.

+ The first page is the main page with 4 sub-pages:
a. Layer 1 includes following pages: Home , Music, Weather.
b. Layer 2: Apps and News page.

+ The second page is the Settings page with a lot of options for you to select directly. You don't need to go back to the Klwp editor to customise.

Main Features:
1. Animated Fingerprint button helps you to access the second Layer of the theme.
2. Animated waves on the homepage. If you have new notifications, it will run faster to notify you.
3. Notification center helps you to check your newest notification directly and quickly.
4. New animated music visualizer.
5. Settings page with a lot of built-in options.
6. Tap the notification number widget to switch between animated information widget and notification center.
7. Icons' style switching directly on theme by tapping the icon that running follow facebook app.
8. News reader with 5 different sources: Collider, Goal, Buzzfeed, Android Central, 9to5Mac.

1. If you want to change built-in color bases, please look for globals named: c1, c2, c3, c4, c5 and fc1, fc2, fc3, fc4, fc5.
2. If you want to change the  color of information texts, please look for these globals: itxtcl and txtcl.
3. If you want to change your avatar and name, please look for globals: avatar and name.
4. If you want to change wallpapers, please look for globals: pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4.
5. When you are at the Music page or Weather page, please click on the button "Music" or "Weather" to launch the the Music App or Weather app.

Special thanks to creators of used materials:
+ Frank Monza: creator of KLWP editor app
+ Wallpapers by
+ App screen mockups by and
+ Music by: Infraction - No copyright music (Youtube channel)
+ Button Sounds by
+ Track: Max Brhon - Cyberpunk [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream:
+ Template: InstaMocks

If you have any issues in using theme, please email me at:

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @dshdinh
Instagram: @dshdinh

Thank you!
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