About KinderPass: Baby Development
KinderPass- help your child grow right and grow smart.

Download for free and get (1) Personalised assessment by experts (2) daily curriculum tailor-made for your child’s development (3) step by step guidance through expert programs and 1x1 consultations.

90% of brain development happens before the age of 5.

KinderPass provides you with personal support throughout your parenting journey. We also provide access to world class experts - doctors, lactation consultants, child care experts, educators and therapists. We also offer a daily curriculum, bite sized lessons and live expert sessions.

🚼 📈 Track your baby’s growth and development
✔ Enter details for height and weight each month
✔ Plot growth on the WHO growth chart for boys and girls
✔ Track monthly milestones on physical, social, cognitive and language skills for 0- 48 months
✔ Know early signs of development delays so you can act at the right time.
✔ Vaccination reminders by month

🍎 Support your child’s growth with right nutrition
✔ 250+ recipes for optimal nutrition
✔ For babies: Home made cereal powders, fruit purees, first foods, millets, soups, teething foods, yoghurt recipes, simple solids.
✔ For toddlers: Recipes for weight gain, Iron rich recipes, Calcium rich recipes, finger foods, millets, milkshakes and juices, Egg recipes, Protein rich recipes, Immunity building recipes
✔ For preschoolers: Recipes for weight gain, Iron rich recipes, Calcium rich recipes, Healthy sweets, 4 pm snack ideas, power packed breakfasts, milkshakes and juices, Egg recipes, Protein rich recipes, Immunity building recipes, Mineral Rich salads, Tasty Treats, Soups.

💯 Power of 7 developmental experts in your hands

✔ 150+ expert videos featuring doctors, paediatricians, parenting coaches, clinical psychologists, educators, speech therapists and more.
✔ 2 minute parenting lessons linked to your child’s age.
✔ 400+ articles and well researched parenting tips on everything that impacts your baby’s development- breastfeeding, meal plans, foods that boost immunity, recipes, tummy time, sleep.
✔ For parents of babies: Breastfeeding tips, Baby sleep, Baby nutrition, Newborn care, Baby bath, Baby development, Baby weaning, Baby milestones, Baby parenting tips, Toys for babies, Colic, Health and immunity, Buying Guides, Books, Tummy Time and Massage, Safety, Special section for working mothers, Postnatal care, First foods, Solids, Crawling & Walking, Teething, First words.
✔ For parents of toddlers: Toilet training, physical and gross motor skills, nutrition, screen time, behavior problems and what to do, handling changes, toddler tantrums, play time, meal time, positive parenting, raising a reader, books, Development milestones, what toys to buy, how language develops.
✔ For parents of preschoolers: Building attention and focus, Positive Discipline, Health and Immunity, Developing communication skills, Positive Parenting, Screen Time habits, Social and Emotional Learning, How to teach your child to read, Teach your child to write, Teach your child Maths, What Toys to buy, School Readiness.

🔆 Daily Program of developmental activities for you and baby
✔ 1200+ personalized, screen free activities to bond with your baby.
✔ Learn about play, what activities to do and most importantly, WHY those activities help.
✔ Build gross motor skills with massage and tummy time videos
✔ Build language and communication skills with 150+ rhymes, fingerplays and lapsits.
✔ Live storytelling and art sessions to build expression, creativity and social skills.
✔ 120+ Bilingual (English and Hindi)l stories, read-alouds, rhymes and English lessons.

💬 Consult with and learn from experts

✔ Free whatsapp consultation for any issues related to development.
✔ Live Masterclass and Q&A with our experts.

Other features:
✔ Add multiple children and family members
✔ Daily Activity Reminders
✔ Daily Inspirational Quotes for Parents

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