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Learn faster, transcribe easier and have more fun practicing with Anytune.

Slow down music, choose the perfect pitch, and learn to play by ear! ANYTUNE™, the ultimate music practice app for musicians of all kinds, has been recreated for Android. Learn a song by slowing it down without changing the pitch. Pick out every note to learn a piece, or play along with your favorite tracks by starting slow and gradually increasing the tempo. Add marks to break down a song, color sections, and find your place quick. Create loops and Loop Trainer to practice sections over and over. Transpose a song to play or transcribe in a different key. Fine tune the song by cents for alternate and non-standard tunings.

Slow down, mark, and loop your Spotify and Apple Music streams.
Instantly play audio files directly from your device’s storage for the full power of Anytune.

Download Anytune. The core features are FREE and include time-stretching (music speed changer), pitch shifting (tuning, transposing), creating marks, looping, and much more. They may be all you ever need.

Use the Loop Trainer to start slow and and speed up the tempo to practice along and master any section of a song. Use the Circle of Fifths Trainer to move around the circle of fifths adjusting the key for each loop and practice your improv skills and improve your ear.

Unlock the full potential of your musical journey with Anytune Pro — your gateway to an unlimited suite of Pro features, including the ability to save your project data. Choose the freedom of a one-time purchase or the flexibility of a subscription. Our goal is to provide the most amazing and indispensable set of tools for musicians, and make your pursuit of music mastery more enjoyable. Make every practice session count with Anytune Pro.

• Slow down, mark, and loop your Spotify and Apple Music streams
• Instantly play songs directly from the device memory
• Practice at your pace by adjusting the tempo without affecting pitch
• Amazing sound quality, even below a quarter speed
• Transpose the song by Key (+/- 24 semitones)
• Fine-tune the song by hundredths (+/- 49 cents)
• Original BPM and Key calculated and adjusted value displayed
• Manage the content of the songs in the active playlist (queue)
• Create marks to define sections with different colors
• Use the Loop Trainer to start slow and slowly speed up the tempo
• Try the Circle of Fifths Trainer to practice improv skills and improve your ear
• Fine-tune loops and markers with nudges and shifts
• Automatically Loop sections between markers with AutoLoop™
• Individually label markers and regions
• Easily navigate through marks from the loop and marker list
• Visualize your music with detailed zoomable waveform and full song view
• Jump back and forth in the waveform of the whole song
• Easily search your device, your projects, Spotify and Apple Music
• Simply tap and hold controls for help
• In-app help to access advanced features
• and much much more

Anytune on Android is a new modern version of the five-star classic Anytune available on Apple. It has been re-created using the latest technology and a decade of user engagement and requests guiding the design. We have many more features planned. Join us!

Anytune is a continuous labor of love to help musicians like you.

Help us make it more awesome. Contact us with your suggestions. | | [email protected]

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Anytune is also available for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Mac.
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