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QliqSOFT’s KLAS-rated HIPAA compliant, secure texting platform bridges the communication gap between doctors, nurses, patients, and caregivers. Whether in a multi-facility health system or a single location home health agency, clinicians can now openly and efficiently collaborate around a single patient, regardless of department or organizational boundaries, leading to improved outcomes and an increase in patient satisfaction.

The Qliq Secure Texting app is free to download and has all of the functionality you need to be communicating Protected Health Information (PHI) from your smartphone or tablet in minutes, not months.

QliqSOFT’s platform currently supports:
- Secure Messaging
- Patient Communication
- Chronic Care Management
- On-Call Scheduling
- Document Management and E-Signature
- HIPAA-Camera
-Upload to EMR
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Jul 23, 2021
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