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About Aayu: Medicines, Expert Doctors
Aayu: The trusted healthcare super app for hyperlocal medicine orders from nearby pharmacy/chemist stores, consulting specialist doctors anytime, taking lab tests also helps save all your medical records at one place. Aayu is the only super app that you need for all your medical and healthcare needs.

Online pharmacies/chemist stores-

Aayu enables access to nearby pharmacies/ chemist stores at one place, order medicines online from the nearest chemist store and without having to leave the comfort of your home and get superfast delivery within 2 hrs. Save on money, time, travel and fuel on each medicine order, consultation, test, and other essentials.

Benefits of buying medicines online from Aayu app-

💊Superfast delivery to your home, give the queue a miss
💊Get exciting deals & offers
💊No minimum order value on medicines and products
💊Buy what you want, buy as much as you want, no need to buy entire strip
💊Take photos of the required item, share, and pharmacy/ chemist store of your choice will deliver it at your doorstep
💊Choice of getting quotes from multiple chemists online in and around your home.

On call doctor consultations-

Get on call for consultations from 5000+ expert doctors across 35 specialities. Connect with the doctor within 30 mins from the time of scheduling the on call consultation, no need to book an appointment. Our doctors are fluent in both Hindi & English. Get your prescription online in your Aayu app account. You can directly order medicines online from your nearby pharmacy/ chemist store from the app.

Aayu card subscription for your savings-

You can buy any Aayu card plan depending on your family size and enjoy saving money. No need to pay for the doctor's consultation for the entire year on the Aayu app. Reduce your family’s medical health expenses with Aayu card.

Tips for you

1. Get the daily dose of healthcare tips in your phone
2. Blogs for a healthy lifestyle
3. Sehat ki baat by our expert doctors on YouTube for your benefit

Save your medical records-

You can now save your and your family’s medical records all in one place. Just take a photo of your physical prescription and upload it in the app. You can reorder your medicines using these prescriptions and get superfast delivery at your doorstep.

Get on call consultations from 5000+ expert doctors across different specialities-

👉Cough/Cold, Fever, Headache consult a General Physician online
👉For your eyes - an Ophthalmologist
👉For ear, nose, throat consult an ENT expert
👉For your children consult a Pediatrician
👉For irregular periods, cramps, etc. you can consult a Gynecologist / Women Specialist
👉For hairfall & skin issues consult a Dermatologist
👉For high or low blood pressure/ heart related issues consult a Cardiologist
👉Acidity, stomach ache, or gastric problem consult a Gastroenterologist
👉For Diabetes related issues consult a Diabetologist
👉Consult a general surgeon online
👉For any nerve related problem consult a Neurologist
👉For any joint/ bones related problem consult a Orthopedic
👉For kidney related problem consult a Nephrologist online
👉For stress, anxiety, and mental health problems consult a Psychiatrist/ Psychologist
👉 For sexual health-related problems (women & Men’s sexual health) consult a Sexologist.

Aayu provides affordable, accessible, quick, and trustworthy healthcare services. Aayu app provides online doctor consultation anytime, anywhere with 5000+ specialist doctors, provides access to nearby pharmacy/chemist stores so you can order and buy medicines online and get superfast delivery, book your lab tests at home. You can earn rewards and offers on top brands.
Order medicines at the best price for you from the Aayu app.

You can buy the following products from your nearby pharmacy/chemist stores-
Vicks vaporub
Digital glucometer
Energy Drink - Red Bull, Sting
Baby products
Hand sanitizer
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