About Waking Up: Beyond Meditation
Waking Up isn’t just another meditation app—it’s a new operating system for your mind, and a guide to living a better life. You’ll not only discover a deeper approach to mindfulness than you’ll find elsewhere; you’ll also learn wisdom, insights, and philosophy to help transform how you see yourself and the world around you.

Sam Harris, neuroscientist and best-selling author, created Waking Up to be the resource he wished he’d had when he began exploring meditation and mindfulness over 30 years ago.

Waking Up is free for anyone who can’t afford it. We never want money to be the reason why someone can’t benefit from what we’ve built.

Practice mindfulness👤
• Start to truly understand meditation with our step-by-step Introductory Course
• Whether you’re a beginner or advanced practitioner, you’ll get straight to the heart of real mindfulness
• Learn not only the “how” of mindfulness, but also the “why”
• Our Moment feature offers daily reminders to help you bring more mindfulness into your life

Learn the true purpose of meditation🗝️
• Meditation is about more than just relieving stress, sleeping better, or improving your focus
• Open the door to a deeper understanding of yourself
• Find useful features, like meditation timers, Q&As, and an ever-growing audio library

Wisdom for a better life💭
• Explore some of life’s most important questions, on topics like neuroscience, psychedelics, effective altruism, ethics, and Stoicism
• Insights from renowned authors and scholars like Oliver Burkeman, Michael Pollan, Laurie Santos, Arthur C. Brooks, James Clear, and more
• Discover wisdom and philosophy free from New Age claims or religious dogma

Renowned mindfulness teachers💡
• You’ll be guided through meditations from prominent teachers like Joseph Goldstein, Diana Winston, Adyashanti, Jayasāra, and Henry Shukman
• Access a wide range of contemplative practices, including Vipassana, Zen, Dzogchen, Advaita Vedanta, and more
• Listen to profound insights, wisdom, and contemplative teachings from throughout history—those that have stood the test of time, including historic voices like Alan Watts

“Waking Up is, hands down, the most important meditation guide I’ve ever used.” Peter Attia, MD, best-selling author of Outlive

“If you’ve had trouble getting into meditation, this app is your answer!” Susan Cain, best-selling author of Quiet

“Waking Up is not an app, it’s a path. It is equal parts a meditation guide, a philosophy master-class, and a highly-focused TED Conference.” Eric Hirschberg, former CEO of Activision

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