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The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), as the central institution of the Federal Government in the field of public health and as the national public health institute, publishes the CovPassCheck app for the German Federal Government. With the app, the digital COVID certificates of the EU can be checked quickly and in a data-saving way. Anyone using it can find out in seconds whether the person being checked has a valid certificate. No sensitive information or data is exchanged at any time.

In 2021, the European Union introduced the digital COVID certificate as an EU-wide recognised proof of vaccination, recovery or negative testing for COVID-19. This regulation expired on 30 June 2023. On a transitional basis, the EU will continue to operate the technical systems to enable cross-border certificate testing until 31 December 2023. The transitional operation will end on this date. There is currently no international system with comparable functionalities and comparable scope.
In Germany, the possibility of issuing digital COVID certificates such as vaccination and recovery certificates will therefore be discontinued on 31 December 2023. The CovPass app and the CovPassCheck app will therefore also be discontinued. The CovPass app will be switched to wallet mode, in which the stored certificates will be retained.


Checking Corona vaccination status, recovery from a Corona infection or a negative Corona test is the central function of the CovPassCheck app. Whenever users check the EU COVID digital certificate, only the information and data necessary for the check are displayed in the CovPassCheck app.

The QR code as proof of full vaccination coverage or recovery provides information on the status of the certificate. For clear identification, the name and date of birth are also displayed during a check.

The QR code as proof of a negative test result also shows the time of testing. Please note that the currently issued test certificates are not digital COVID certificates of the EU. The QR code of the test result can currently only be converted into an EU digital COVID certificate via the Corona Warning app. Only this can be checked by the CovPassCheck app.

The CovPassCheck app can be used to scan the QR code. Users of the app can check several QR codes in succession with just one click. This does not necessarily require an internet connection.


In accordance with the DSGVO, no sensitive data is stored during the check. The data of the person checked can only be viewed.
- No registration: No registration with an e-mail address is necessary.
- No data storage: The data remains on the smartphone of the person checked.
- Data economy: After the QR code has been checked, only the status of the certificate, the name and the date of birth are displayed.
- Cryptographic security: The QR code is secured with a signature that prevents forgery.
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