About Commonality Health Tracker
Commonality turns you into your own body’s Chief Scientist, with:

- All your health tracking in one place
- Flexible tracking that captures symptoms, menstruation, mood, sleep, stress, mental health and anxiety.
- Menstrual hormone levels (FSH, Estrogen, Progesterone, LH) are automatically calculated and analysed.
- Weather and air quality are also automatically imported and analysed.

Next Level Analysis That Actually Works
Tracking is pointless unless it helps you work out what is affecting you. This is why Commonality is built around our iHealthDiscovery analysis engine that offers much more than the usual ‘correlations’. iHealthDiscovery is the result of a PhD and 4 years of development and uses advanced machine learning to find the needle in your health hay-stack, without all the ‘false positives’ given by correlations.

The Power to Learn From Your Experiments
When you try a new supplement, medication or treatment, you probably don’t think you are doing science, but you are. Commonality empowers you to learn from the experiments you are already doing (we call them ‘hacks’) just like you had your own research lab. At the end of a ‘hack’ we give you a research grade analysis of whether it made any difference, using our iHealthTest engine.

Commonality helps you:
- Fully customise your tracking to suit your goals and health.
- Access research grade analysis and insights through the iHealthDiscovery engine.
- Become your own Chief Scientist, run experiments (‘hacks’) and assess results with the iHealthTest engine.
- Store data across multiple devices

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