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Sleep sounds - Sleep & Relax, Relaxing Sounds

Sleep sounds is an offline app for mind relaxing, sleeping & meditations. There are a bunch of nature sounds, rain sounds, wildlife, and urban sounds.

Trouble to fall asleep? Insomnia? Feel stress or anxiety?

We bring the greatest collection of high-quality sounds that can be mixed into the best relaxing combinations. You can choose from various types of nature, rain sounds, water and animal sounds, deep meditation sounds and instruments, white noises, etc.

Sleep sound helps you to:
✔ Relive stress, insomnia
✔ Improve happiness,
✔ Develop mindfulness
✔ Practice meditations

You can choose from 50+ natural relax sounds to create your own relaxing ambiance.
- Rain (rain on windows, leaves, thundering, and heavy rain...)
- Nature (rain forest, night forest, cave...)
- Water (creek, sea waves, water drop …)
- Animals (birds singing, whale...)
- City and noises (airplane, white noises...)
- Instruments (bell, flute, piano...)
- Meditation (meditation bowl, delta waves, mindfulness...)

Key Features:
• High quality relax sounds
• Create your own sound mix
• Save your minxes as favorites
• Sleep timer for turn off sounds automatically
• Bedtime reminder
• 8D sounds for brain therapy
• Calm design
• Best sleep scenes
• Works offline (no internet connection needed)
• Works on background
• Easy to use

Why people love this app:

★ No annoying ads
★ can use totally FREE
★ 100% offline
★ Customize as you wish

Contact us for any question or suggestions:
📌 Support email: [email protected]

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