About More or Less!
What would happen if you infused Tetris blocks with the infinite power of numbers? More or Less, that’s what! Join our fluffy pal Cutesy and help him sort the positives from the negatives as he works his way across a huge board of curated challenges. As the name suggests, one turn you’ll be adding numbers to your score, and the next you’ll be subtracting - so make sure you place your pieces wisely to pass the target number!

As you progress further outward into each of the board’s four corners, you may begin to encounter some more unusual looking game pieces, such as multipliers, dividers and even the forbidden “sudden death” cube! But don’t let that turn you off - though it may seem daunting at first, More or Less is super-easy to pick up and play, while still certainly posing a firm challenge for those looking to hit the high-end crown scores!

- Engaging brain teaser gameplay
- Slick touch-based controls with haptic feedback
- Charming art style
- Sums calculated live on screen, no need for mental maths!
- Crown scores for the truly ambitious
- Compete with players around the globe, can you beat the world record scores?
- Infinite replayability
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Oct 23, 2022
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