About Remittance Info
This App provides you with the exchange rates from different remittance centers.

Please note that the exchange rates provided are "BY THE USERS FOR THE USERS". We don't take any responsibility of providing the rates.

If you find any rate to be incorrect, you can update the rate yourself.

It also assists you in choosing the best remittance center to transfer your hard earned money back home. Please note that time taken for transfer, fees for remittance etc are not taken into consideration.

The app will show exchange rates provided by different remittance centers. You can compare them and see the differences in the rates provided by them.

The app also has a small calculator that helps in calculating the amount both in Source Country Currency and Home Country Currency.

If you find any rate to be incorrect, you can yourself update the rate in real time for the benefit for other brothers.

Any feedback and suggestions are highly welcomed.

Happy Remitting..
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