About Qurio
Qurio, a fully automated AI remote proctored platform built to offer transparency and ease of performing assessments. With Qurio, you can perform fully secure and authenticated tests anytime, anywhere. It is a fully automated platform with multi-factor identity verification and comes with a built-in video recording with AI-based behavior flagging. Our mission is to enable organizations to build winning teams by taking credible people's decisions across. It uses a multi-layered approach to proctoring. Live proctors are augmented by AI that helps flag suspicious activity and is specifically trained to deal with potential breaches of integrity.

Our Features
- Subjective & Objective Assessments
- Remote Proctored with Video Recording
- Works both on Desktops and Mobiles
- Voice-Enabled
- Multilingual Assessments
- Advanced Analytics
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Jul 04, 2020
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