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Join numbers to get to the 2048 tile!

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How to play 2048?

1. Mobile Phones & Tablets:

Swipe the tiles to the side you want to move in any of the directions (Top, Bottom, Left, and Right). When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one and form the next big number.Ò

2. Desktops & Laptops

Use your arrow keys (Top, Bottom, Left, and Right) to move the tiles.

2048 Game: Everything you need to know to win.

2048 is a 4x4 number grid game that allows you to slide 2 tiles and create the next big number. On every swipe or slide, a new tile appears randomly in any of the 16 grids. You can slide the tiles inside the grid in any direction (Left, Right, Top, and Bottom). When two tiles that have the same number touch, they collapse into one and form the next big number.

The lowest possible number of tiles is 2 and the highest one is 2048. You can keep playing as long you have an empty space in the grid or two tiles that can be collapsed. When you cannot move or collapse, the game ends. If you play slowly and keep adding tiles, you can last longer. Once you create a tile that reaches 2048, you win.

The score starts at zero and keeps adding up when two tiles merge. The higher the number, the higher the score. The highest possible score in the 2048 game of tiles is 131,072.

We have a few simple tips and tricks on how to beat the 2048 game below. You can read it and try to win the game. Don't give up if you cannot win in the first few games. Having fun is the goal of these games. So keep playing and you will improve after a few games and you can definitely win the 2048 game soon. Good luck & have fun!

How to beat the 2048 tile game? (Tips to win 2048 game)

1. Learn the basic rules right.

  • You can swipe the tiles in any of the allowed directions - Left, Right, Top, and Bottom.
  • You can form a larger tile by combining the same numbers, that are next to each other (in any direction).
  • Each time you move, a new tile is created in a random cell in the grid.
  • Keep joining them to form larger numbers, until you make a tile of 2048.
  • If the game ends, you start a new game by clicking the "New Game" button above the grid.

2. Swipe left and right many times.

When you start a new game, keep swiping left and right and it will create 2, 4, and 8 tiles quickly.

3. Keep the higher tile at the corner of the grid.

Try to build a higher number tile and keep it in a corner. Avoid moving it as much as possible.

4. Fill the same row with other high-value tiles.

Keep moving and building higher-value tile in the same row you have the highest-value tile. This is crucial to reach the 2048 tile and to win.

5. Don't leave smaller tiles unattended.

Keep adding smaller tiles as they appear and don't leave them hanging, as it may fill the grid and thus will lead to a game ending. So keep joining any matching tiles and make bigger numbers. It is important to keep the grid space available for movements, the same as adding up tiles.

6. Try to combine smaller tiles around larger tiles.

If you have a smaller number tile around a larger tile, try to move and combine it to make a bigger number. This may seem unimportant at the beginning. But it will be a problem in the later stages.

7. Move the corner tile and return it to the same position.

You can move the larger number corner tile, only if that is the only option. But try to return it to the same position as quickly as possible.

8. Keep playing, you will win for sure.

It may seem a bit hard at the start to win. But once you learn the tricks of the game, you can easily win. All you need is to keep playing and improving your strategy. This will definitely help you win the game sooner.

2048 is originally created by Gabriele Cirulli.